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सेक्स पावर क्या है? हो सकता है कि कुछ लोगों को यौन जीवन?

सेक्स पावर क्या है? हो सकता है कि कुछ लोगों को यौन जीवन?

Female Sex Organ

The female sex organ is responsible for you to be able to read this on your phone or on your computer LOL.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

As men we tend to diminish the importance of the sex organ and we need to appreciate it.

Remember this is the place where the woman will experience her orgasm.

So its paramount that you understand it as a man as well as a woman.

Not all women know where and how they achieve female orgasm, so ladies let’s pay attention as well.

sex medicine for female and female organ


Sex Medicine for Female

Sex medicine for female and its core function involves around this very important girl/women organ.

While we do not know the answer to this question, we do know all humans start out being physically female, even though genetically they may be male.

For the first eight weeks of our existence, both male and female fetuses have the same rudimentary reproductive and sexual organs.

In the early stages of fetal development the maternal hormones control the development of the reproductive organs as the fetus is incapable of producing its own.

It is not until the twelfth week of development that you can start to visually determine the sex of a fetus.

The Development

It is for this reason that male and female reproductive and sexual organs are more alike than they first appear.

The clitoris is actually a penis that is not fully developed, or another way of looking at it, a penis is a fully developed clitoris.

As with a penis, the clitoral glans and shaft become engorged with blood during sexual arousal resulting in an erection.

When the clitoris becomes well developed it looks exactly like a small penis, minus a urethra.

In addition the glans and corona may be well defined and the entire clitoris may project outward from the body.

A woman can have a large clitoris at birth, or acquire one as the result of taking prescription and non-prescription steroids.


It Sounds Complicated

We have to understand as both males and females, we want to have safe and healthy sexual intercourse that does not harm one another.

Sex medicine for male and sex medicine for female is not as simple as it seems.

It may be for most of the population.

Some females may have not developed properly in the embryo that allows for the genitals to mature.

This maybe one of the many reasons that some women are not sexual or have sexual feelings.

This does not mean that can be changed with understanding and love from the partner and support systems like a psychiatrist that is trained in sexology.

Sex medicine for male and sex medicine for female does work and it will be continued to help many couples and lovers to reach their full sexual potential with one another.

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